Purchasing & Portraiture

Some of the original paintings on this site are still available for purchase and most are available as Giclée* prints on either high quality paper or canvas. Some images are also available as sets of greeting cards. Giclée images can be made to various sizes up to the original size of the piece. I offer a payment program for originals priced over $200, please inquire about it if you are interested.

*Giclée Print
Non-impact computer-controlled prints in which tiny droplets of ink are projected from nozzles onto paper; a high quality inkjet print that allows for a greater complexity of color and tone. The term is usually applied to inkjet reproductions of artworks that were originally produced in another medium.

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I am available to do a limited number of commissioned portraits each year. Portraits must be of subjects I am able to photograph myself and work with in person.

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  • The original painting if it is available.
  • Paper prints:
    • Giclée print on high quality paper with a gloss finish.
    • Giclée print on high quality paper with a matte finish.
    • Matting?
      • If yes: Shrink-wrap?
  • Canvas prints:
    • Giclée print on canvas (not stretched).
    • Giclée print on stretched canvas.
  • Greeting Cards:
    • 5"x7" greeting cards available in sets of 5.

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